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Game Of The Forever

Posted on October 03, 2012 by RevStu

…is Hell Yeah! – Wrath Of The Dead Rabbit, which is out today on Xbox 360, PS3 and Steam for PC at the bargaintastic price of around £9.99. It's a heady, super-sexy crush of Sonic The Hedgehog, Super Metroid, Bangai-O, Wario Ware, Pokemon and FIFA 13*, made by the people who brought you the splendid Pix'n Love Rush plus me. Essentially, if you don't buy it you're a complete dick and I hope you die.

Extremely selective review quotes follow.

"Exquisite graphics, entertaining gameplay, fun music and nonstop humor"
– Planet Xbox 360

"Absurd, hilarious, and completely unrestrained" – Inside Gaming Daily

"Sharp 2D visuals, a surprisngly varied approach to Metroidvania-styled play, and bitingly funny writing" – G4 TV

"Hell Yeah! is a complex creature that can only be understood once you play it. Thankfully, once you do it is nigh impossible to stop." – ZT Game Domain

"Constant chuckles from the dialog to the death sequences, leveraging running jokes, amazing animation and mini-game driven finishing moves that will threaten to unhinge your eyeballs at every monster mashing in the vein of a cracked-out Ren and Stimpy episoode" – EGM

"Enthusiastic, gleeful silliness" – Joystiq

"An irreverent, colorful, and cartoon-y realm full of nonsensical characters and scenery – and tons of animated blood and gore" – Official Xbox Magazine

"This is not a game of complex morals. Or indeed any concept of morality."
– Eurogamer

"Nun viel Spaß mit dem genialen Trailer von „Hell Yeah! Der Zorn des Karnickels“"
– Gaming XP

"Wah wah it's childish and too hard and I'm a big whiny baby" – some pompous, awful cockdrip on Gamespot


*FIFA 13 elements may not be present in finished version.

22 to “Game Of The Forever”

  1. romanista says:

    congrats, which version do you recommend.. any cahnce of an ios version?

  2. asdasd says:

    I saw that it's free on PSN plus at the moment. How does that work, exactly? Is there a rebait for the devs on every download or something? Or a flat fee? I'm guessing you probably can't say, but I do wonder how they make it worth your while.

  3. Dan says:

    "Free" on PSN means it's forever yours as long as you're a member of the PSN Plus scheme (which, why wouldn't you be? You also get Bulletstorm and Resi 5 for nowt this month too)

  4. Irish Al says:

    Either 360 or PC for me – I presume it doesn't require a Crysis 3-running hoor of a graphics card on PC?

  5. RevStu says:

    “which version do you recommend.. any cahnce of an ios version?”

    I’ve only played the PC one so far – the PS3 one should be finished downloading from Sony’s excellent and capable servers sometime next Tuesday. Given the controls, I would estimate the chances of an iOS version at zero or lower.

  6. RevStu says:

    “I presume it doesn’t require a Crysis 3-running hoor of a graphics card on PC?”

    It runs beautifully fullscreen on mine, which has a very modest graphics card. Windowed was rather clunky on the last build I saw, don’t know about the finished version.

  7. League Against Internet Mentalists says:

    No version for the WiiU online shop a possibility?

  8. Bobby says:

    This is so cool.  I'll buy a copy.

  9. RevStu says:

    "No version for the WiiU online shop a possibility?"

    You'd have to ask Sega. But I'd be pretty surprised.

  10. Hypocee says:

    Oh, I didn’t know (think I knew but forgot) you were involved with this! I saw it on Totalbiscuit’s WTF Is, where it charmed his pants off and mine too. Well done.

  11. Leah says:

    (does this mean we're rich now?)

  12. RevStu says:

    Less than you might hope, dear.

  13. Leah says:

    In that case, your dinner is in the dog. 

  14. RevStu says:

    That's okay. I'll just eat the dog.

  15. Klat says:

    Just tried the demo on XBLAH. It was lots of fun, and absolutely gorgeous. The Wario Ware-style minigames for finishing off larger enemies are fantastic, heh. I'll be buying this tomorrow, methinks. :)

  16. nitpicker says:

    Congrats. I don't own any of the 3 formats though.

  17. RevStu says:

    Your sort DISGUST me.

  18. Klat says:

    BTW, if anyone still isn't sold on this, it has a robotic Moai enemy called "Roosevelt Gradius".

  19. daneel says:

    Looks good. Might try it if it's ever available on Mac, Android or iOS. 

  20. marc says:

    its ace, like an old Amiga game. Me and my two year old took turns and had a blast.

  21. MojoJojo says:

    Bought. Enjoyed so far.
    Is the Floppy Disk saving icon ironic or something?

  22. Hodge says:

    For PC people: It's currently $15 at GamersGate, which is $5 cheaper than buying it direct on Steam.
    This is buying from Australia, I have no idea if it's a world-wide thing.

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