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WoSland's Greatest Hits – the most read and most linked posts in the site's history, in other words, along with a couple of my personal favourites.

David Cameron's New Best Friend
Nasty racist endorsed by the PM tries to cover his tracks, fails.

The dark side of digital distribution
Why you should never trust a businessman, in his suit and tie.

NGP – The 10 Questions Nobody's Asking
(For "NGP", now read "Playstation Vita".)

The Unspoken Truth About Gran Turismo 5
Why if you're big enough, you can't ever score less than 8/10.

Benchmark Reviews? Busted, More Like
A truly epic tale of corruption, dishonesty and cowardice in six thrilling instalments.
Updates 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

How 9/11 Killed Videogames Journalism
Shamelessly sensationalist title conceals a dismaying truth.

Guess Who's Back?
Tim Langdell tries the desperate last resort of the game publisher – publishing a game.

Anyone Still Not Convinced?
One of a great many pieces detailing the much-resisted truth that you make more money selling videogames cheaply than expensively.

World Turned Upside Down
The music that made me what I am, whatever that is.

Just Shut Up, Idiots
A time-saving reference point for cretins who still say smartphone gaming somehow isn't "proper" gaming.

A vintage WoS piece on Tomb Raider Legend (and a silly argument about physics) revived by the esteemed Rock, Paper, Shotgun.

The Love That Dare Not Speak Its Name
Why Dragon's Lair is actually great, not rubbish like YOU thought.

Everyone In Britain Is A Moron
Friend-winning analysis of the 2010 General Election result, detailing why the English, Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish are all cretins for different reasons.

The Worst Videogame Ever Made
If you think some of the garbage that comes out in the App Store justifies not counting it as a "real" gaming format, take a look at what passed for commercial game releases in the 8-bit days.

Who Are The Tartan Tories?
Scottish-politics analysis that was very widely linked on UK left-wing blogs.

On Dicks And Cunts
A restrained, rational view on the hysteria around Penny Arcade's infamous "Dickwolves" cartoon.

National Twat Day
Surprisingly controversial piece that merely helpfully suggested a few synonyms for "early adopter".

Stu's 2010 World Cup Diary
Mostly for the captions.

In Your Electronic Arms
Why videogames can never be art, but can be the tools of art.

The New Arcade
The name might not have caught on, but the phenomenon is here to stay.

When Addicts Get Addicted To Non-Addictive Things
This one was written in response to the game's industry and media's outraged reaction to a TV show (Panorama, possibly) which dared to suggest that videogame addiction could be a damaging thing. It's embarrassing to watch normally-sensible people say stupid things.

C'Mon Kids Redux
A restoration project.

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