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Portrait of the future

Posted on September 19, 2012 by RevStu

31 years ago, when Alan Grant wrote "Strontium Dog: Portrait Of A Mutant" for 2000AD, the notion that the father of a "mutant" child might become Prime Minister and oversee a programme of astonishing, vindictive persecution of the disabled by tormenting them with "work capability" tests and forcing them out of their homes (supported by "scrounger"-hating newspapers published on thin electronic tablets) was a crazy, dystopian sci-fi fantasy for kids.

Today, David Cameron presides over a government set implacably on slashing £30bn from the welfare budget (to pay for tax cuts for millionaires, obviously) by cutting housing and disability benefits for the profoundly handicapped and the terminally-ill, ingeniously saving more money by driving many of them to suicide as a result of measures even the Daily Mail is forced to decry as inhuman.

Enjoy watching "Dredd" this weekend, viewers. Keep telling yourself it's only a movie.

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6 to “Portrait of the future”

  1. Erchie says:

    Here's a wee thing for those with Maths skills
    If DLA fraud is 0.5% (DWP figures) & DLA cuts are 20%
    Where is the fairness?

  2. League Against Internet Mentalists says:

    Indeed Erchie. The same DLA benefit that Cameron himself claimed for his deceased child – presumably as his child is no longer alive, he sees no reason for anyone would need that benefit, displaying his supreme lack of empathy.

  3. joncfc says:

    If half of the people now complaining bothered to vote at the last election these bastards wouldn't have got in.

  4. Marc Forrester says:

    Hey, enough of us voted to give the Lib Dems (rip) the power to decide the government and share power.  Seemed like a victory for about five minutes.

  5. Rowan says:

    On the plus side, Dredd is pretty good

  6. League Against Internet Mentalists says:

    I ordered cinema tickets for Dredd earlier in the week, and then I go and leave my glasses on the bus. Bah, no Dredd for me until I can get a bloody opticians appointment…

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