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Well, that’s new

Posted on March 22, 2011 by RevStu


"Warning: autistic driver" signs? Is that a thing now? Exactly what might be the implications of autism for other road users?

I suppose at least being on two wheels means he won't be able to get up to any autistic monkey business when the bullion vans are out. To be honest, I hadn't imagined Chippenam High Street as a place where a lot of raw gold bullion was transported. I mean, it's got ducks on it.

A life-size singing Elvis head, obviously.

The saddest tiger in all the world.

Hey! How did THAT get in there?

(I still can't quite believe they got away with Daphne back in 1983.)

Quite clearly some Halo (pseudo) Lego.

Its previous strategy foiled, the T-1000 adopted Plan B: go back to Edwardian England and kill John Connor's granny.

I hope that in the future, people will grow up whose first language is Japlish.

Woolworths went into administration in November 2008. This picture was taken in February 2011. Green shoots of recovery: still elusive.

10 to “Well, that’s new”

  1. gnome says:

    An excellent way to get people smiling in the most awkward of ways this post. Thank you!

  2. jerry says:

    Apparently autistic drivers are not good at predicting the actions of other drivers.

  3. Sledge says:

    "Elvis is alive and she is beautiful."

  4. Matt Smith says:

    Given how long it would have taken the average player to reach Singe's treasure horde, and thus see Daphne in all her, erm, pertness (she barely appears in the attract sequence), I think we can safely assume that moral guardian types and tediously overprotective parents (and, let's face it, the grand mass of players) never knew just how, ahem, shapely she actually was. But yes, for 1983 the Bluth Studios chaps were definitely pushing their luck.
    On a related note, and following on from the mention of Dragon's Lair in your recent DS piece, what do you think of Dragon's Lair 2: Timewarp? Despite being essentially the same as the original in terms of gameplay, it's structurally very different and I was wondering if you found it as enjoyable as the first.

  5. Irish Al says:

    Life-size singing Moira Stuart head, I think.

  6. RevStu says:

    I've never spent any time with DL2:TW.

  7. Hypocee says:

    Oh so? I’d second the implicit recommendation that you check out the MPEGs. Dragon’s Lair meets Alice In Wonderland.

  8. Professor Dumb says:

    There's something strangely appropriate that the autistic motorbike is literally enclosed in a bubble.

  9. Nitpicker says:

    That push-chair definitely has no bullion in it. Keep behind the velvet rope please.

  10. Father Jack says:

    The border and font on autiscooter remined me of the periodic table.
    Au is element 79 – gold!

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