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The penalty for failure is video death

Posted on March 24, 2011 by RevStu

Despite the passage of almost 30 years, this is more or less exactly the way that the mainstream broadcast media still sees videogaming.

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6 to “The penalty for failure is video death”

  1. Fuck.
    Could he say "literally" any more often?

  2. Bear or bust says:

    Energisers, surely powerpills.

  3. Ben says:

    "Bars and taverns"? Does this guy live in fucking Norrath?

  4. No Name says:

    That was like being in the 1980s watching something from the 1950s.

    Wonderful stuff, and well worth it for the sounds of Robotron.

  5. Nightingales says:

    "Videogames have literally exploded…"
    Those ruddy Nyko coolers!

  6. Matt Smith says:

    "I'm literally saying literally literally. This is is Larry Lite Rally for Literally News. Literally."

    But anyway. What a charming little vid – it kind of makes me wish that arcades were still like this. Today you're lucky if you can find one that isn't entirely populated by blimmin' fruit machines, and you're unbelievably lucky if you can find one with games that aren't murderously expensive variants on Outrun or Duck Hunt. Sigh.

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