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Pornbot haikus

Posted on December 11, 2012 by RevStu

I always like to try to salvage something of value out of the most worthless commodity of the digital age: spam. Most of the cast of characters in Hell Yeah! are named after the "senders" of spam emails, and earlier today I was going through the followers on the Twitter account of my Scottish politics site blocking all the pornbots and noticed a slightly odd shared characteristic in the process.

Almost every one had a single-word biog, and as I went down the list it seemed to have a certain poetry. I had just enough syllables to make two haikus (plus titles), with four left over. If you can do better with the words, send 'em in.


HAIKU 1: "stone father"

prison boy bent down
soap day condition: fight time
cork invention sweet

HAIKU 2: "sugar dust"

stocking grain, tongue throat
thin political insect
plough that straight sister


spare words



(Haiku 2 is for Germaine Greer.) Make me proud, readers.

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1 to “Pornbot haikus”

  1. asdasd says:


    stocking dust insect
    tongue sugar sweet: that day, time
    thin grain condition

    father bent way down
    soap, cork, stone: throat invention
    plough. plane. straight. match time.
    The first one isn't so much political as it is topical. Even then it isn't timely.

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