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More of you need to have this

Posted on March 04, 2011 by RevStu

While it's still free, so that you can enjoy its awesome ghost-racing capers.

Having played Mad Skills Motocross (available for PC, Mac and Linux as well as iOS), I am now OUTRAGED that all other racing-type games don't let you go to the online leaderboards and go head-to-head against the recording of anyone's best run. I'd write to my MP about it, but he's a treacherous cunt.

4 to “More of you need to have this”

  1. romanista says:

    it a mario kart wii idea, isn't it?

  2. Dave says:

    Project Gotham 2 did it as well. Was it the first?

  3. bananaphone says:

    If I download freebies but don't yet have an iOS device, do they just remain in my available downloads or will I still have to pay once they are no longer free?

    I downloaded Mirror's Edge when it was free a little while back and now it's not showing up in my iTunes.

  4. RevStu says:

    Yes, they’ll still be free. If you’ve downloaded them they shouldn’t be in “Available downloads”, they should be on the Apps page (click Apps under Library at the left-hand side).

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