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iOS freebie of the day

Posted on March 29, 2011 by RevStu

Is this extremely zippy line-drawing, trampoline-jumping game with beautiful graphics and almost limitless replay value.

Rather charmingly, it's called A Moon For The Sky. (There's a separate but equally free iPad version, A Moon For The Sky HD, too.)

In a typically French plot that we won't dwell on, your task is to catapult a fallen moon back into the sky, by drawing little trampolines in the sky for it to bounce up. The shorter the trampoline you draw is the bigger the bounce, so right away you have to find a balance between speed and safety, because speed is the key to picking up better medals (from bronze to platinum) on each of the 18 stages of Adventure mode.

The stages are split across four worlds which have to be unlocked with in-game currency. They're not cheap, though, so you'll need to play a lot just to get through the levels, let alone buy all the fancy new moons and other items that are available in the shop. (If you're in a hurry you can buy extra via IAP, but even then the currency is fairly prohibitively-priced.)

To accumulate serious cash you'll also need to play No Limit mode, which as the name suggests is an endless survival level. But even here there's a temptation to spend your money, as you can buy extra lives with which to climb the leaderboard.

A Moon For The Sky is one of those games where playing it well is its own reward, because rocketing up the screen with a series of tiny swipes feels so good you barely even care that you're also earning points and medals and the like. 18 levels doesn't sound like many, but as your goal is really earning the right to play them, rather than simply working your way through one after another, it isn't really an issue.

In fact, in many ways this is more of a Pokemon-style game as anything else. There are numerous moons to collect, and each one will take quite a lot of play to get the money for. (You'll also want all the 'badges' – the little charm-bracelet trinkets that dangle from your moon – which you get for free by beating Adventure mode stages.)

As with Pokemon, you'll be building up your roster by basically doing the same thing over and over again, but every aspect of A Moon For The Sky is so pleasurable you won't mind in the slightest.


(Review borrowed from the mighty Free-App Hero.)

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6 to “iOS freebie of the day”

  1. Professor Dumb says:

    Aw, not free in Australia :-(
    My day was already ruined by the news about UKR :-<

  2. kon says:

    levels, earning the right to play them
    I thought you hated such things.

  3. MojoJojo says:

    Not free in the UK any more either. How long was it free for.

  4. RevStu says:

    24 hours, AFAIK.

  5. daneel says:

    This was good. Now it's shite.
    The latest update has turned my full version (downloaded when 'twas free) into a 'freemium' one with ads, and buggered the No Limit mode so now you can't make currency this way. I guess they want you to buy it instead now.
    Fuck 'em.

  6. RevStu says:

    Oh, I really hate when people do that. Instant 1-star review.

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