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Flame wars

Posted on May 20, 2012 by RevStu

As huge crowds of primitive villagers turn out to marvel at some fire this weekend, here's some old-fashioned journalism to ponder. Click the image to read the article.

Enjoy the torch (possibly the last spectacle invented by Adolf Hitler to still be regularly performed and celebrated), and the two weeks of the Games while they last. Try not to get sick, in either sense of the term. Try not to be alarmed if anyone sticks a missile battery on your roof (and slaps an eviction order on you for making a fuss about it or for just not being lucrative enough), or a sonic cannon, or by the bored police with machine guns hanging around your train station waiting to shoot anyone who tries to protest or take an unlicenced beverage or snack into one of the state-of-the-art stadia.

Enjoy all the top events (on telly, unless you're a corporate sponsor), and as Boris Johnson gallivants around turning them into a giant Tory showpiece, take a moment out to give thanks to Tony Blair and the rest of Labour for making it all possible (with our money, of course) for him. Who needs hospitals and schools anyway?

7 to “Flame wars”

  1. Irish Al says:

    A dissenter. Present yourself to your local police station for re-alignment immediately.

  2. Tom K. says:

    Don't forget that Samaranch was allegedly a big dirty fascist.
    I hope it's true, as it gives me even more reason to despise these tiresomely Corporatist Olympic Games.
    Naked Greeks wrestling or I ain't interested.

  3. Steve Smith says:

    I hope the olympics dies on its arse; maybe then we can go back to organising purely a sports event and not a commercial event.

  4. Irish Al says:

    Nice to see the IOC have wimped out and not banned the Saudis for not allowing female competitors

  5. Steve says:

    These missiles have a range of something like three miles. If they're meant to be destroying ariel threats over London, won't that mean that many tonnes of wreckage and gallons of burning aviation fuel will be falling out of the sky over er… central London?
    I'm not sure they've thought this through you know.

  6. Steve Smith says:

    The missiles are like machine guns and tanks at airports: they're not actually there to be used, but so the people in charge can scare us and say "we did everything we could to deter terrorists".

  7. Archie says:

    Costing a fortune and pushing everyone ever more into a nightmarish dystopian police state.
    This year is making me look forward to the day the Russian/Chinese nukes or WMDs rain down on us all. It probably won't be a fresh start for us or maybe even humanity but at least something will get another crack at it in a few million years or so.

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