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Bargain Of The Day

Posted on March 16, 2011 by RevStu

Tesco: every little helps.

Runner-up below.

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  1. Irn-Bro says:

    Will Scotch people notice?

  2. I fucking love Irn Bru.
    Reminds me of my dipsomaniac Scots schoolteacher (now sadly passed away due to being a fat bastard).

  3. Jon says:

    From the Irn Bru website:
    "The feeling when you finish a can is bad enough"
    What the hell is in that crap?

  4. I've lost count of the number of these "offers" I've seen in Tesco.  And I'm not entirely sure they are due to a mistake.

  5. Matt Smith says:

    They're entirely deliberate. Tesco stores across Britain have been doing this for years; it's a practice that's drawn repeated complaints from consumer magazines and websites, and I think it got a mention on Watchdog a while ago too. But they keep on doing it because there's no actual reason for them to stop (beyond, y'know, some ethics); they're giving you all the information up front, so they're not doing anything illegal. It's just cynical and treacherous.

  6. Captain Caveman says:

    Forget Resolve, bananas with maple syrup, raw egg with Worcester Sauce or any number of other alleged hangover cures – Irn Bru is the undisputed champ on this score, at least in full fat, sugar-laden form. (Actually, is there even a diet version at all? That really would be a contradiction in terms; the soft drink equivalent of Ed Balls with nowse).
    I reckon the Scots know a thing or two about getting rid of hangovers afterall; I'm a great believer in leaving such matters to the experts. Ninety pence seems like a small price to pay for such efficacious medicine.
    (As for Tesco, I really can't believe this is a deliberate strategy on their part; it's surely likely to be the odd cock up by their pricing people. I'd say that the average punter wouldn't be so stupid not to notice anyway, but then, I know this to be untrue and in any event, my own little arithmetical faux pas in the forum Rugby thread springs to mind here…).

  7. RevStu says:

    Horrifically, there IS a diet Irn Bru. The drink's makers, Barr, are one of the most evil when it comes to filling their products full of shitty poisonous artificial sweeteners to save a few pennies, and Irn Bru is almost their only remaining thing that's still all-sugar.

  8. Nixon says:

    Even more horrifically, a few months ago I ordered a load of Irn Bru as part of an online grocery shop, only to realise with horror that they'd delivered the diet version instead, only to THEN realise with MORE horror that I couldn't complain because it was my mistake, not theirs, and I'd accidentally ordered eight bottles of the diet version by mistake.
    It's something akin to watered-down TCP.  It doesn't even taste like supermarket own-brand "Iron Brew", never mind anything like its parent – it's the equivalent of Diet Coke, a completely different (vile) drink that just happens to be the same colour.  I drank a single mouthful out of one glass of the first bottle and threw the rest away.

  9. Captain Caveman says:

    Cripes chaps, diet Irn Bru..? Sounds like an abomination!
    Commiserations there Nixon. :)
    (Still, Barr produce Dandelion and Burdoch – that most excellent fish and chips accompaniment, so I'll forgive their transgression).

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